Strategic messaging guides clients, employees and potential customers in the right direction.

In order to achieve business goals, internal and external communications must be on course. With all the options in today’s digital world, the right coordinates can make all the difference in maximizing your impact. 


What do your communications say about your organization? Each impression you make equates to a value or cost for your company, so you want to ensure that the messages are generating a positive return. We will work with you to evaluate your current communications strategy and tactical marketing plan to identify opportunities for optimizing impact. ​We will also design and construct your communications based on target market, value propositions and business objectives, including social media and digital marketing.

Learn more about how the art of communications can put wind in your sails.


Communication Tools

Today, multiple methods of communication can seem overwhelming  and complex. In addition to words on a page or screen, there are analytics, SEOs and a variety of online audience behaviors to consider. 

Alidade Strategy & Communications will  guide you in identifying the  tools to target specific markets to drive business, as well as creating content that will move the needle. We design internal communications to ensure key stakeholders and employees understand your objectives and acknowledge your successes. 

To help you achieve goals, we will develop a strategy that a covers the following:

  • Company mission
  • Value Propostion
  • Target Audiences
  • Customer Behavior Patterns
  • Business Objectives

As well as communication construction, which includes:

  • Emails
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Blog Posts
  • Web Content
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Investor Proposals
  • Training Curriculum
  • Video Scripts


Social Media

While barriers to entry in social media marketing are low, the landscape is an intricate maze of overflowing paths of communication.  In order to ride the waves and align objectives, an organization must pay attention to how you formulate successful strategies. It is critical in business that you invest time and resources into social media to understand the behavior of your target audience.  

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Brand  integrity is an asset that needs to be managed and protected within your organization.  It is critical that all stakeholders understand how your vision aligns with business ethics and how to proceed in uncertain situations, especially when the waters are murky in defining the principals of the company.

Our team will assist you in communicating ethics in the workplace to  ensure that gray areas become black and white. Here’s how:  

  1. Helping organizations articulate values, vision statements, and standards for operations that align  with your mission.
  2. Advising on reputational risks, conflicts of interest, mandatory disclosure programs, crisis management and crisis communication.
  3. Developing and facilitating customized business ethics workshops for domestic and multinational companies, with a focus on exporting corporate values,  practices, and global standards of conduct.
  4. Preparing internal and external corporate communications on ethics and integrity, creating web content, and building strategies to effectively disseminate messages over social media. 
  5. Resolving workplace conflict related to ethical standards.

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Although organizing information in a presentation is important, what is essential is creating content that sends a clear and concise message to your target audience. 

Alidade Strategy & Communications can help you with: 

Developing a presentation strategy
Writing content that highlights your key messages
Designing visuals that display the data in an impactful manner
Creating call to actions
Preparing for questions

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We all know that networking is an invaluable source in elevating your business. However, there are other elements to building your network, which include: 

Business objectives


Target market


Current network




Time constraints


Although online resources can serve as important connectors, they are not a substitute for networking strategy. Your participation in conferences, meetings, and social gatherings foster team building and create new business relationships for you and your associates. 

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The most critical element in obtaining financing from smart investors relies on your ability to sell yourself. Although creating a clever and concise pitch is key, you will also need to prepare yourself for the following questions: 

  1. Why would I buy your product or engage in your service?
  2. Is the pricing strategy attractive to the target markets?
  3. Can the business model sustain the pricing strategy?
  4. Do the competitive advantages justify the price?
  5. Is the business model easily replicated? What are the barriers to entry?
  6. Does the company have proprietary designs or patents?
  7. Are the founders taking on an adequate share of the risk?
  8. What is their personal stake?


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