We get people excited about change

Alidade Strategy & Communications help companies navigate unchartered waters. Be it technology transformations, new policies, product enhancements or just doing things a bit better, our plans, communications and support resources inspire employees and internal customers to get comfortable with the new.

Our level of expertise includes:

Internal Communications and content
Project Management

Change Management

Windward Bound

Change can be hard. But our team has the insight and expertise to ease pain points and deliver messages that can calm the seas. 

Alidade’s mission is to steer our clients through change using comprehensive and high-quality solutions that eliminate employees’ inclination to look back. 

Our success comes from our creative innovation and our ability to pivot when objectives, requirements and/or the environment shifts. We empower employees to embrace change and see the value of a company’s evolution, and keep them from going adrift by anchoring our messages to objectives and values. 

But we don’t sugar coat the journey. Change means challenge and we enable employees to navigate those hurdles beneath the surface with ease. 

Analyze the
current situation

Get to know
your business

Develop a


Define the
future state

Structure a
measurement system

Review current

Design stakeholder

A business plan is a key strategic tool and requires more than just words on paper. The exercise is as important as the outcome. It doesn’t have to be a 200 page document and can be tailored to the culture of your company. But it is a critical resource for launching your strategic and tactical activities. Our tailored, streamlined business plans focus on strategy.

We create strategic planning activities for management changes, acquisitions, product launches and new market developments.


Knowing the Ropes

Change is good, especially in business. Change is good, especially in business.

Our team understands that change can be hard. But we have the insight and expertise to ease pain points and deliver messages that can calm the seas.

Our Change
Management Approach

You’ll learn how change affords you a competitive edge in business and keeps you relevant.

Adoption of
change & engagement

Our team understands that change can be hard.
But we have the insight and expertise to ease pain points and deliver messages that can calm the seas.

Critical Elements for
Successful Change


Execution of a strategic plan requires more than just captain and crew.

Developing a strategy and outlining a plan is only mile one. To achieve goals, a company should execute a series of interdependent projects to ensure activities are aligned with business objectives, as well as across initiatives.

A strategic business plan is only as good as the successful execution of business objectives. In order to achieve goals, projects should be driving each initiative and interact across targets.

Alidade Strategy & Communications can ​help you to organization your plan into projects with clear goals and timelines, as well as provide project leadership.


Development of Change Communications


Audiences, Objectives, Key Messages, Call-to-Action and Delivery Methods.


Communication approach for both process change and behavior change.


Opportunities for communication efficiencies and two-way conversations.


Centrally Managed campaigns for each audience.

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